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250 Points

Subscription to the BK Newsletter

100 Points

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100 Points

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Reward points can also be earned based on your orders, earning points for every dollar spent at Best Kratom!

**100 points equal $1 (for every $1 spent you will earn 2 points)

for example, spend $50 and earn 100 points




*How to Create Your Best Kratom's Rewards Account:


*Login every time you place your order:

*Your reward points get added to your account after your successful transaction


*I signed up for VIP Reward Points account, how do start redeeming points?

*Our system is automatically setup to give you points the moment you have successfully completed a task


*Why can't I use my reward points?

*You need a minimal of 500 points to start redeeming your reward points


*Is there a limit on how many reward points I can collect?

*You can collect unlimited points and points never expires! :)

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