There are several different Types and Varieties of Kratom being branded and promoted throughout the global marketplaces. These Varieties includes Resins, Extracts, Tinctures, Powder and Capsules of the Natural essences of the Kratom leaves at both, the basic and enhanced levels. Some of the most popular Variety types are mentioned below for your interest, convenience, and awareness:

Kratom Crushed Leaf: This variety contains the crushed leaves of Kratom. It comprises of every material of the leaf in it as it is naturally, including its veins and stems. Kratom Crushed Leaf is ideal to be used in consumption with hot water as a rich herbal tea.

Kratom Powder: The crushed leaves of the Kratom are further ground into the form of powder where it becomes even more potent than the state it was before. That is because, in the process of grinding the veins and the stem of the Kratom leaves are detached, leaving the strongest portions of the Kratom leaf that have the highest levels of active and effective alkaloids intact.

Kratom Vein and Stem: The Vein and Stem that is removed from in the process of grinding to make Kratom leaf powder is also sold separately because the Vein and Stem of the leaf is yet enriched with active alkaloids (however, at an effective rate of about 25% as compared to the other material of the leaf). Therefore, even at a lower potency, it is still valuable for the consumers with special preferences.

Kratom Extract: The Kratom Powder is further processed and recollected to render an even more improved concentrate. It this offers a stronger, powerful and more qualitatively effective Kratom variety product to the consumers. The most popular product for this would be Maeng Da Extract.

Kratom Resin: In the production of the Kratom Resin, an exceptional method to attain the most potent concentrate essence from the leaf of Kratom is adapted. Through a highly precise and specialized technique, the leaf of Kratom is cooked and condensed to extract and then generate a substance that is lesser in quantity but much more superior in the level of potency because of the richness in the number of Alkaloids it accumulates together in it.

Kratom Tincture: The extracted concentrate essence of the alkaloids present in the Kratom leaves is liquefied and then later diluted with alcohol to create an exclusively rich Tincture for the consumers who want an alternative to the other forms of varieties available.The Kratom Tincture drops can be used to deliver an ample and effectual soothing effect.

Kratom Capsules: Kratom leaves in the form of powder are encased in simple miniature packages of ingestible capsules. This is yet another efficient and convenient variety method of delivery for the ease of the consumers.

Enhanced Kratom: With the passage of time and the ever-evolving research, some strains of the Krakom leaf have been greatly improved in the overall level of quality and effectiveness that they deliver. Such enhanced strains of the Kratom are also converted into different forms of variants as discussed above to offer a stronger blend of Kratom as compared to the normal varieties of Kratom available to the customers.

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