Have you noticed we never talk about the Kratom effects or products have on the user? There’s a certain reason why we can’t discuss the effects and benefits of this plant and we’d like to explain it in this article.

If you’ve already been shopping for Kratom products online for a while, you perfectly understand the effects they have on your body.

As a customer and a community member, you can discuss whatever the aspect of using Kratom you like. You can talk about the effects, benefits, and even recommend certain strains to other community members.

However, there are certain things we – as a Kratom retailer – cannot discuss or explain.

One of the reasons we’re not allowed to discuss the effects of Kratom on your body and brain is because we want to stay compliant with the FDA regulations.

Here’s what you need to know about the anchor that keeps us from sharing that information.

Why We Can’t Talk About the Kratom Effects

It’s pretty simple.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates different things across the country. Each year, they make literally thousands of reports concerning what companies and brands can and cannot do with the products they offer.

One aspect they are particularly insistent on regulating is the so-called “claiming”. The FDA has even come with their own compliance guide to share with entrepreneurs and company workers. The aim of this guide is to let everyone know what they can and – more importantly – what they cannot say about their products when marketing them to their customers.

In simple terms, we cannot suggest that Kratom is capable of diagnosing, curing, mitigating, treating, or even prevent specific conditions in the body.

As a Kratom user, you are already aware of the effects of different Kratom Strains. Whether we’re talking about thegreen vein Kratom or Bali Kratom – you probably have a good grasp over these products. But the FDA’s guideline clearly states that business owners aren’t allowed to ‘enlighten’ their potential customers about Kratom’s medical benefits.

We’re not here to do that, we simply want to give you a top-notch quality product that will live up to your expectations as a conscious Kratom user.

If you’re curious what exactly can be taken as a “medical claim” by the FDA, we explain it in the section below.

Where’s That Thin Line We Can’t Cross When Talking About Kratom Effects?

There are several criteria listed in the FDA’s press release that implies what the rules are. While we encourage every entrepreneur to have a read through all sections of that document, this article pinpoints the most important rule for those who enjoy Kratom – both vendors and users.

In order to understand why we cannot make claims about the effects Kratom has on the body, we need to take a closer look at Criterion #4 of the FDA’s compliance guideline. This criterion talks about the direct Kratom effects on the human body with regards to a specific illness.

You can define just about anything as an illness according to the context of Criterion #4. For example, if you’re suffering from insomnia – be it informally or in scientific terms – this condition falls under the “disease” category, especially if you’re relating to the use of Kratom for insomnia.

So, by saying that Kratom can “help you improve the quality of your sleep”, you’re referring to a “treatment” for a diagnosis which, in this case, would be insomnia.

All of this may sound a bit bizarre and complicated – and you’re right, it is. Fortunately, the FDA’s guideline gives us some space to share some vague information about the qualities of Kratom and its effects on the body.

This ‘loophole’ has been included in point 4 of Criterion #4:

“You may make general statements about health promotion and disease prevention as long as the statement doesn’t imply that your product can diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease. In general, if the statement identifies a specific disease or directly references the product or its ingredients, it would imply that the product itself has the effect and would be a disease claim.”

One example of how we can mention the effects of Kratom on the body is this: a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle promotes our well-being and protects us against diseases. Adding Kratom to your diet will definitely have a direct effect on wellness in the future.

For people who want to learn a little more about how Kratom can help them improve the quality of life, this may sound too general, but then again — there are lots of different forums, social media groups, and professional websites run by non-retailers where you can delve deeper into those details.

What Can You Do to Learn More About Kratom Effects?

As you can see, our hands and tongues are tied by the FDA, so we cannot help but to comply with their requirements. Like we said, our role is to supply you with the best Kratom products so that you can actually experience its effects.

We would like to tell you that Maeng Da Kratom is beneficial, but we need to leave this decision up to you.

If you want to find more about the effects of Kratom, there are thousands of daily users who will gladly share their experience. Reach out to these people; if you know the user personally, talk to them; you can also contact a Kratom blogger or a wellness influencer to get the entire picture of how Kratom works and what are its effects on the body and mind.

As mentioned, there are plenty of professional online groups — websites, forums, discussion boards, social media channels — where you can learn from more experienced users and even share your own observations.

Once you’ve done your research part, make sure to always choose a trusted company with a well-documented record of satisfied and returning customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for lab-testing results of your Kratom product — it’s your right as a customer.

A Final Word on Kratom Effects

Our goal is to supply you with Kratom products until the end of the world — and on the afterparty. Because of that, we want to stay in compliance with the FDA’s regulations when it comes to mentioning Kratom effects.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and find the necessary information itself. Whether you’re new to Kratom or you’ve cut your teeth on this herb, always make sure to stay well-informed. Otherwise, you might be missing out on a very useful plant.

How do you benefit from Kratom? Share your stories and share this post on social media to help others out!

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