Kratom tea is the most common choice to consume this plant. It’s hands down more enjoyable than the toss-and-wash method and it allows for easy and precise dosing.

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to different ways of making your Kratom tea. While our favorite method isn’t really “tea”, we like to compare it to how instant coffee is prepared. If you’re a new user looking to overcome the peculiar taste of the Kratom powder, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we share our ideas on how to prepare Kratom-infused tea.

Fasten your seatbelts and take a ride with us.

How to Make Kratom Tea

When you say “tea”, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a hot beverage that has just come off the stove, correct?

Brewing tea is kind of a ritual. Every morning, people carefully fill their teapots with essential mixtures of black, white, green, and red tea. Some people even have their unique ways to make this drink so that it’s more palatable and rich in essential flavors.

You can add sugar or honey as sweeteners to make the whole experience sweeter and more ‘guilty.’ Some popular tea additives, such as lemon and magnesium (at small doses) can potentiate the effects of your Kratom tea. As you can see, there are plenty of options to customize your morning routine.

So, how do you prepare Kratom tea?

The easiest way to make it is to use the teapot; this method doesn’t call for many utensils and brews your tea relatively fast.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your Kratom below the boiling point. A little simmer won’t compromise your Kratom tea, but a rolling boil is something you definitely want to avoid.

That’s it: your favorite tea, some potent Kratom powder, and a teapot. That’s exactly what you need to brew your own Kratom tea.

Place your powder in the empty cup, wait for the horn to blow on your teapot, and wait 15 seconds until you fill the cup with the previously brewed tea.

The heat from the simmering tea will activate Kratom’s alkaloids. If you have used lemon or magnesium along with the Kratom powder, the tea should make for a great way to kickstart the day.

Alternatively, you can use plain water instead of tea if you don’t have time for the brewing part.

Can I Also Make Kratom Coffee?

That’s an interesting question, but more interestingly, the answer is a sound ‘yes.’ You can do the above with your coffee pot as well.

The entire process is the same as making regular coffee, but instead of placing ground coffee in your filter, you replace it with the Kratom dose. We’ve tried this method several times with great success, and if you want to potentiate your experience, you can run it twice.

Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Take your desired dose of Kratom
  2. Place it in the coffee pot filter
  3. Fill the coffee pot with water, just as you fill it when making coffee
  4. Allow the pot to brew the “Kratom Coffee”
  5. When ready, place your beverage in a gallon tea jug or another air-proof container and store it in the fridge.

Smart Tip: you can run this process between 2 to 3 times before the powder in the filter loses its potency. Try different versions to adjust the potency of your Kratom coffee and enjoy your daily dose of alkaloids.

Alternative Options for Kratom Tea

New Kratom users are often asking us how we take our Kratom doses. While this is not Kratom tea per se, it’s even more customizable, not to mention the opportunities to mix in some crazy flavors into your next Kratom drink.

Here’s what you need to give yourself a one-in-a-lifetime Kratom experience:

  • A glass
  • Your desired dose of Kratom
  • A fruit punch drink mix of your choice (we use Caribbean Punch, it’s mind-blowing)
  • Cold water

Simply fill the glass with your Kratom powder, mix it with the punch, and follow through with cold water. Combine the ingredients well and you’re good to go.

Please, note that this is not the major way people dose their Kratom powder. We always recommend brewing a Kratom tea to get the most out of its alkaloid content without having to deal with Kratom’s distinct taste.

But, if you can’t afford the time to brew the tea, feel free to use the above method. This is usually the quickest and most palatable way to take Kratom albeit slightly lower effectiveness.

What’s Your Take On the Kratom Tea?

Whether you’re buying Kratom in bulk or in retail, a cup of Kratom tea is always welcome. Do you drink your Kratom tea with water? Or do you prefer it ice-cold?

We love hearing and learning about new ways people consume Kratom and we’d love to read more about your choices.

No matter how you take Kratom — cold, in a tea, toss-and-wash, or any other method — Kratom can have a direct impact on your well-being. If you’ve come here to learn about Kratom, we’d like you to join our community. Feel free to browse through different Kratom products on our website and let us know how it works for you!

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