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March 2019

3 Kratom Extraction Essentials New Users Should Know

March 29, 2019 No comments

While kratom extracts and regular kratom powder share the same sourcing material — the leaves of a kratom tree — these products are a bit different from each other.

New users should be aware that kratom extract is way more potent and is meant to be used in smaller doses.

Kratom powder can be used when you need your regular kratom dose. When it comes to higher doses, or making your pile last longer, the extract is a great way to save on kratom.

How to Keep Your Kratom Tolerance Down

March 5, 2019 No comments

Much has been said about getting the most out of your kratom dose, so as a natural course of events, it’s time to elaborate on the issue of kratom tolerance buildups and how to keep them down.

When you use kratom regularly, you will start developing substance tolerance sooner or later.

What’s important is to know how to adopt different strategies which will either keep your tolerance on the same level or decrease it.

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